Everything we make, we make by hand.

And everything begins with possibilities. At Lukas Lighting, our focus is on design beyond the traditional. While we are proficient in utilizing classic materials such as various metals, glass and acrylics, we also have extensive expertise in resin casting and forming.

These are a collection of materials and finishing techniques used in unique ways to create lighting, and demonstrated on fixtures we have actually produced. We’re always open to new possibilities and unexpected combinations.

Our company and its associates are dedicated people whose mission is to sustain the highest standards of quality, design and execution without compromising our commitment to innovation and creatvity. In the course of designing and fabricating thousands of light fixture designs, Lukas Lighting continually strives to expand the boundaries of both traditional and new materials.

Please browse our updated selection of materials, finishes and diffusers. If our current offering does not include the elements you are designing with, please contact us and we will assist you on sourcing materials for your project.